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The mission of the platform is to make continuous professional development accessible to medical workers, taking into account the opportunities provided by information technology. Continuous professional development of doctors and medical workers in general is an integral part of the mission and activities of the healthcare worker, as well as the most important pillar of the development of the healthcare system. This provides up-to-date knowledge and training of medical workers, reduces the likelihood of mistakes in the treatment process and the effectiveness of treatment. In the modern world, the education of medical workers is continuous and permanent, as evidenced by numerous conferences, congresses, conferences, lectures, theoretical and practical seminars held around the world, training courses and master classes, as well as distance or online courses, for which participants are awarded units of continuous professional development (CPD) - credits. In Armenia, in accordance with the Law on Medical Assistance and Services to the Population, a continuous summary of the process of medical care of Article 33, part 2, is summarized every 5 years, based on the continuity of professional activities carried out during these years, as well as an assessment of knowledge and professional skills. The unit of this assessment is the CPD credit. In order to ensure the diversity of professional development, a separate place is given to self-education and self-development through the publication of scientific papers and works, as well as participation in distance or online courses.
1) for senior medical workers - at least 220 CPD credits, with the exception
of pharmacists and qualified specialists of other non-medical professions,
for which at least 160 CPD credits are determined;
2) for paramedical workers - at least 140 CPD credits, with the exception
of pharmacists and qualified specialists of other non-medical professions,
for which at least 100 CPD credits are established.

According to the law, medical educational programs can be implemented:

  • medical professional public organizations,
  • healthcare or medical organizations,
  • other organizations working in the health sector.

From 2021, by law, individuals practicing in the healthcare profession in a 5-year cycle are required to complete a certain number of CPD credits or complete paid training that lasts 7 weeks, which causes inconvenience, since it is impossible to combine proper training with the work process, as a result of which the medical worker suffers financial losses. That is why it is preferable for medical workers to regularly participate in conferences and get enough CPD credits within 5 years. Most of the conferences and seminars are held in Yerevan due to logistical and organizational convenience, which is an obstacle for medical workers who carry out professional activities in the regions, because to participate in an event in Yerevan, they have to spend additional funds and time, as well as overcome logistical difficulties. Although the law provides for a method of self-learning using electronic learning materials (ELM), this area is still underdeveloped in Armenia, there is no platform where healthcare workers can choose lectures related to their profession, listen to them and evaluate the effectiveness of the course they have taken. The need for such continuous professional development was most acutely felt in Armenia during the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, when the movement of people was limited, there was a ban on public events and gatherings. It should also be noted that for a long time, medical workers will be more careful when participating in such events, but this caution and concern of medical workers does not and will not affect the process of collecting the required amount of CPD credits required by the law. Taking into account the above facts, there is a need to create a specialized ELM platform that will contribute to the continuous training of medical workers and at the same time will not endanger their health, and in the future the use of this platform will save the financial resources spent by doctors from the regions on logistical issues to participate in conferences, and will also save time for medical workers in the regions and the capital. Summing up, we can say that the goal of this program is to make continuing professional education online more accessible and to enable health professionals to listen to lectures at home or at work, gain practical and applied knowledge, and also provide the required number of CPD credits in a 5-year cycle.